• Our Music: Visits With the Hamilton First UU Choir
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Neighbourhood AGM, 2016


Our AGM was a great success.  Thanks to all who attended, and to the outgoing board members and all others who graciously served our community.   Congratulations to all newly elected board members.

Our donor tree has now been unveiled.   This is to recognize and thank the many donors to our Capital Campaign.  Be sure to take a look next time you are at Neighbourhood.  It is located on the wall of the main front staircase.

"Monky" Business

Buddhist monks have long trained to discipline their minds from what's sometimes called the "Monkey Mind" - when our thoughts are unsettled, confused or restless. Other monks we know are [...]

10:30 am - 12:00 pm on Sunday, May 8, 2016

Please Donate to Neighbourhood’s New Syrian Refugee Fund

More than four million people have been displaced by war in Syria – it’s the greatest refugee crisis in a generation. Faith groups have been at the forefront of Canada’s…

Thomas Moore Interview

Rev. Wayne Walder guides an in-depth talk by this spiritual, well-educated and widely-acclaimed author.

Calling all Lifespan Learning Volunteers!

If you have an interest in volunteering with the Lifespan Learning program over the next two years, please fill out an application form which can be found in the mailbox…

Food Bank Donations

Help support the Glen Rhodes United Church food initiatives.