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Gratitude across Religions and Culture

How did you grow up using gratitude? Are you aware that all cultures and religions use it as well? Maybe you can tell your stories of gratitude too. Speaker:   Rev. [...]

10:30 am - 12:00 pm on Sunday, October 30, 2016

Call to Artists For Submissions

for two Group Shows in our galleries this winter! View specs and deadlines here.

Gratitude: Spiritual Experiment

Gratitude Bags: This month we will be putting up small paper bags on the wall, and we will put our names on them. Each week we have the opportunity to…

Thomas Moore Interview

Rev. Wayne Walder guides an in-depth talk by this spiritual, well-educated and widely-acclaimed author.

Calling all Lifespan Learning Volunteers!

If you have an interest in volunteering with the Lifespan Learning program over the next two years, please fill out an application form which can be found in the mailbox…

Food Bank Donations

Help support the Glen Rhodes United Church food initiatives.