This Month Our Theme Is Unitarian Universalists. Visit us on a Sunday in February to find out what is different about UU Spirituality.

Sunday Service: On Mysticism

We arguably have one of the most mystical traditions in the west.  Thoreau, Emerson, the idea of the ‘oversoul’ that Jung used, and the ideas of transcendence and nature as [...]
10:30 am - 12:00 pm on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Would you like to have a deeper dialogue about a joy or concern that sparks something, for you; talk more about the message, explore the reading further, perhaps the children’s story or share how a song touched you?

Here’s your opportunity:  Please join Doug Crozier- for a post service discussiion, in the meditation room, after service on February 23rd.

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Community Potluck Dinner Saturday, February 22, 2020! at Neighbourhood – Set-up: 6:00 pm

6:30 pm – please arrive with your food items.  At 7:00 pm – Dinner and Entertainment There is a food square board by the coffee cups in the Cappuccino Room. …

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Social Environmental Action Committee Book Club meeting will be Thursday, February 27 in the meditation room at 7PM

We will discuss the work of the poet Mary Oliver.  People can read Upstream, her essay collection, or just come with your favourite poem of hers to share. And stay…

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Call for Submissions for Neighbourhood’s Art Gallery

Interested in showing your work? See our upcoming invitations!

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Wednesday’s Night Meditation!

… 7:30 – 8:30 pm for beginners and intermediates. For more information please contact Rev. Wayne Walder at or Gillian Hegg.

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Thomas Moore Interview

Rev. Wayne Walder guides an in-depth talk by this spiritual, well-educated and widely-acclaimed author.

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Calling all Lifespan Learning Volunteers!

We are always looking for leaders who wish to share their life’s wisdom and time with youth. We can work with various schedules for volunteers and hope to be able…

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