Message from Margaret Evans

It never ceases to amaze me how community forms. It is almost as if it begins to grow its own legs and take on its own personality. What I have grown so fond of, when it comes to community, is how much people care for it.

Margaret Evans, Director Lifespan LearningIf I were to exercise my creativity I might say that Neighborhood’s community is like a Koala. Yes, perhaps this is a little strange but, throughout my life, I have found analogies to be immensely helpful. Koalas are beautiful creatures. They are known as soft, cuddly beings whose grip it intense and strong. They are very social animals and yet show great complexities in their familial relations; A mother Koala will fiercely protect her young.

Neighbourhood is a growing, complex community. It is clear to any eye that there is a strong and vibrant community. We are soft and kind, fierce and strong, we are welcoming and wise. This year our story is continuing to write itself as we explore the Human Experience. It is my hope that we continue to grow into each other as not simply individuals but into our community as a whole. As our road to self-definition and identity widen, so to may our communal arms extend into the unknown. I look forward to seeing what awaits us as we care for our community.

   Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

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