Staff and Contacts

12Staff12 12Officers12 12Board/Key Positions12
12Lay Chaplains12 12Other12 12Communications/Media



Minister: 123Rev. Wayne Walder 123minister@nuuc.ca123416-686-6809

Director of Lifespan Learning:      Margaret Evans

Musical Director: 123Susanne Maziarz

Office Manager: 123Hala Riad 123416-686-6809



President: 123Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Vice President:         Brad

Board Secretary: 123Janine Lewis

Treasurer: 123Chris Lawrence


Board of Management / Key Positions

123Note: individuals denoted with ‘*’ are not on the Board but are responsible for key Committees

Art Gallery Curator: 123Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Communications: 123Margaret

Facilities: 123Fred Maycock

Treasurer: 123Chris Lawrence

Membership: 123Kristina Kiil

Social Action / Greening: 123 Dina  Waik & Peter Marmorek

Sunday Services: 123Rose Kudlac & Gordon Thorne

Co-Lifespan Learning Chair: 123Joan Walder 1& Phyllis Danu 123Phi*


Lay Chaplains

Chaplaincy Committee: Wray Barraclough

Chaplain: Yvette Roberts

Chaplain: Ahna DiFelice


Other Committees

Past Co-President: 123Gwen Lannaman

Coffee Coordinator:   Linda Robertson

Volunteer Committee Chair:    Terry Bracket

Full Moon Ceremonies for Women: 123Yvette Roberts

Meditation Leadership:

Men’s Group: 123Charles Lanktree

Committee on Ministry: 123Dave Renzetti

Nominating: 123Jane Nares


Communications / Media

– Announcements / Events: 123relevant Committee contacts as above
123& 123Hala Riad
– Special Events / Special News Features: 123Margaret Hazelwood 123
– Committee Pages: 123relevant Committee contacts as above
– Technical / Customer Support: Margaret Hazlelwood/Marina Rogers123123MM
– Administrative Support: 123Marina Rogers

Theme Brochure: 123Margaret Hazelwood
 123& 123Wayne Walder

Email Distribution: 123Hala Riad

Neighbourhood Facebook Page – Public: 123Margaret Hazlewood

Neighbourhood Facebook Page – Neighbourhood Community: 123David Zalokar

Sunday Service Announcements: 123 Hala

Notice Boards: 123Hala Riad

Newsletter (currently dormant): 123Marina Rogers