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Showing from May 28 – Sept 9, 2018
Opening Reception: June 10, from 12 – 1 pm


Neighbourhood Gallery North:
Constructed Faces of Our World by Disability Awareness Art Group (DAAG)

art sample by member of DAAG

art sample by member of DAAG collective

Organization Statement:

We are a group of artists dedicated to promoting the artistic talents of disabled people and any other artist who wishes to participate. Our mission is to serve and promote the art done by disabled persons as well as any able persons. The collective is inclusive and encourages an open dialogue through art between persons and youths with disabilities and the rest of the population. We promote eco and recycling art but also cover and represent any type of art. The invitation to post and participate is open to all the artists.

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Participants include: Brooklyn Alviani, Carolyn Ayson Tan, Maria Deleanu, Kathy Grant, Paula Ivan, Myron Lopez, Shayanna Paul, Mashied Pourkama, Mathew Tan, Mussie Ture Biruk, Adina Vomisescu, Anthony Vomisescu, Gabriel Vomisescu


Neighbourhood Gallery South:
Responding to Life by Abigail Johnson

art sample by Abigail Johnson

art sample by Abigail Johnson

Artist Statement:

Life is unpredictable. No matter how we plan, life sends curve balls. When we believe we are in control our lives, the universe laughs at our efforts. We want to be responsible people by paying our bills and being well-insured or pensioned yet randomness takes us in a direction we did not anticipate. What can we do? We can be aware of how we respond. Are we angry? Do we believe life is against us? Or can we flow with what happens and bring beauty and hope to every situation?

In my art I begin with random play. Acrylic colours are splashed on the canvas. Plastic wrap, stencils, modeling paste, and various tools are used in unpredictable movements. I try to be as unplanned and uncontrolled as possible on a numbers of canvases. Then I look deeply into what was created and choose how to respond. I look for harmony in line, beauty of colour, and organic flow.

As in art, so in life.

All works are for sale through the artist: