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Showing from Sept 24 – Nov 26, 2017
Opening Reception Oct 1, from 12 – 1 pm


Branching Out

Curator Statement:

Mystical Trees by Greg Watson

Trees symbolize many things for me: life, clean air, materials to make furniture and homes, to fire a kiln to bake clay into permanent vessels and to keep us warm. The tree is about family and the roots of where we come from. The tree is always … reaching up to the heavens, trying to get a full kiss from the sun on every leaf, reaching down to where the earth’s nutrients are nestled.

The tree always strives for its best self.

Branching Out is trying to capture the tree at its best. The artists’ imaginations are being stretched and pulled with this image. From thread to soft pastel, to intaglio, from acrylic to digitally altered photography to mixed media digital masterpieces, the materials in this show are branching out from a simple pencil rendering. With first time artists showing their early creations, to mid career and mature artists, we have a full array of makers in this show.

This show is striving for the best of what artists can create when given the opportunity to Branch Out.


Neighbourhood Gallery South: Group Show

Artists involved in the Gallery South show are: Lisa DuVal, Emily Eng, Cynda Fleming, Phyllis Gordon, Philippa Hajdu, David Johns, Peter Marmorek, Diana Meredith, Sigrid Neuland, Sheree- Lee Olson, Carolina Reis, Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Saba Rizvi, Greg Watson


Neighbourhood Gallery North: Francis Domingue

Artist Statement:

art sample by Francis Domingue

The true beauty of trees was revealed to me as I biked home from work on winter evenings. I began to notice the bare branches of trees silhouetted on the night sky … their black bones contrasted against a variety of atmospheric hues.

My goal is to capture the stillness of trees in winter by stylizing the plasticity of their branches and removing the sense of depth from the image.

The paintings on canvas are bordered with rough wood strips … usually lathe discarded from houses being renovated, but also other pieces of wood that have lost their use.

More recently, I have been painting directly on wood itself … sometimes driftwood from beaches, but also other unwanted odds and ends found while walking in the neighborhood – a wine crate, an old fence, a wooden door mat and a pair of magnificent slabs of pine.

Please see more of my work at or email me with any questions or comments at