Blooming In Art Gallery …

Showing from June 11 – Sept 10, 2017
Opening Reception June 11, from 12 – 1 pm

Neighbourhood Gallery North & South:

Group Show:

Tending the Wallflower – Take II


Dianne Olchowy art sample (copyright)

Curator Statement:

When most people think flowers, colours and smells come to mind. With the Georgia O’Keeffe show on at the AGO, my mind wonders about flowers for more than their colours and smells
… to their form, and the inner workings of the petal, stem and stamen
… as a landscape, as a home for my eyes (and for insects).

O’Keeffe looked at everything with a careful meditative eye. She spent the time really seeing their inner depth, grace of form and movement of colour through the petal.

This year’s ‘flower’ show at Neighbourhood is trying to take that closer look at the wonder of this small cosmos we call the flower.

Joanna Strong art sample

Ponder and enjoy!

Artists involved in this show are: Jeff Baker, Emily Comeau, Anh Dao, Cynda Fleming, Connie Gorsline, Philippa Hajdu, Richard Holt, Abigail Johnson, Joanne Kaashoek, Eva Lewarne, Marcos LIns, Jocelynn Mann, Peter Marmorek, Susy Martins, Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Dianne Olchowy, Saba Rizvi, Margaret Rodgers, LouAnn Shipp, Joanna Strong