New Show In Art Gallery! Architectural Reflections …

Showing from Apr 9 – May 27, 2018
Opening Reception: Apr 15, from 12 – 1 pm


Gooderham illustration by Annie Idris Kunwar

Neighbourhood Gallery North:
hisTOrical- Architectural Illustrations by Annie Idris Kunwar

Artist Statement:

Annie Idris is a Toronto-based illustrator and artist. She likes to make whimsical paintings inspired by pop culture. Her signature paintings are created in watercolour and ink and usually include architectural landscapes set in comical situations with playful elements in a bright and colourful environment.

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art sample by Lilly Koltun

Neighbourhood Gallery South:
Architectural Reflections (Photography) – Group Show

Curator Statement:

We walk from A to B daily, many, with our heads down avoiding puddles. Some take the time to look around and see the interesting interplay between us, the light, cast shadows, the architecture and the reflections around us in this concrete jungle. This show has ten views from ten sets of eyes constantly looking. Moods created from the playful banter of objects, moving lights, insides with reflections outside, the small details of concrete being eaten away by pollution, to the moody “something will happen here any minute” are caught by these amazing photographers.

This show is about reflecting on seeing, as much as anything. LOOK UP AND AROUND YOU!

– Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Participants include: Jeff Baker, Don Cole, Laura Crkovski, Dan Dodds, David Edwards, Sharon Erlichman, Lilly Koltun, Brad Matson, LouAnn Shipp, Brad Walker