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Past Art Shows: Jan 21, 2019 – onwards

Jan 21 – Mar 24, 2019 The Art of Music by Asher Ettinger Finding Solace in a Landscape – Group Show
Mar 25 – Apr 7, 2019 Perspectives – Student Group Show
Apr 8 – Jun 2, 2019 Aboriginal Based Photographs by Erin FitzGibbon Loving the Land (Photography) – Group Show


Gallery North: Jan 21 – Mar 24, 2019

The Art of Music by Asher Ettinger

Artist Statement:

Boogie Woogie #1 by A Ettinger

“I used to create colours with music, now I create music with colours.”

Asher Ettinger is a Toronto-based fine artist as well as a career composer, arranger, music producer, pianist and educator. Most of Asher’s 400+ paintings explore musical icons and graphics employing techniques ranging from masking to abstraction. Many pieces include keyboards and pianos, his principle performance instrument. Other instruments explored include guitars, violins, cellos, saxophones, flutes, accordions, trumpets and dancers. Non music-themed paintings include text and themes of romantic and universal Love.

Watch a time-lapse video of Asher painting Boogie Woogie #1 (above sample image) set to a boogie boogie piano piece he composed for the video:

A more comprehensive collection of work can be viewed at


Gallery South: Jan 21 – Mar 24, 2019

Finding Solace in a Landscape – Group Show

Winter Reflections by R Ricken

Curator Statement:

In a busy city, finding that inner calm is sometimes difficult. We are lucky to have Neighbourhood Gallery residing in a place of calm. We are blessed with these images from nature, from vast skies, long views of mountains, reflective water, to trees, their shadows and especially rocks. These are strong grounding images for me. This show has a wide variety of viewpoints by eighteen gifted artists, all with distinct styles. The materials – which range from paint (acrylic, oil and watercolour) to thread, felt and fabric – all convey that beating heart of the land. We need that groundedness during these bleak winter days.

We hope you can find solace in these landscapes.

Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Artists included in this show:

Ioana Bertrand, Marina Burke, Veronique Carrier, Mary Chorniuk, Eric David, Karima Dieleman, Cheryl-Ann Hills, Dhairya Maheshwari, Karin McLean, Rita MacMillan, Martin Mitrik, Ghazaleh Naderian, Danielle Nothmann, Carolina Reis, Ramona Ricken, June Tenzin, Heather Wheldlake, Patty Wilkinson


Gallery North & South: Mar 25 – Apr 7, 2019

Perspectives – Student Group Show

Curator Statement:
Art Sample: Deja Vu by A Shrestha

Art Sample: Deja Vu by A Shrestha

Our future depends on youth today. Our future leaders all have something to offer; it is important to allow them to express their opinions and views on the world. When given an outlet, youth can do amazing things. This gallery involves many talented young artists and photographers who work with a variety of mediums. This theme was free to interpretation and allowed the artists to explore their creativity from their perspective.

Jovana Shrestha

Artists included in this show:

Nanik Adnani, Helen Alemu, Rebekah Getchell, Salina Guo, Sara Guo, Wynn Murakami-Clisham, Danielle Nothmann, Maya Rutherford, Sarah Shahab, Avis Shrestha, Ayushna Shrestha, Jovana Shrestha


Gallery North: Mar 25 – Jun 2, 2019

Aboriginal Based Photographs by Erin FitzGibbon

Artist Statement:

Art sample by Erin FitzGibbon

I am an artist of Irish, Algonquin and French descent. Themes of beauty and perfection in existence permeate all facets of my work. The camera leads me to unexpected places in search of these elements. My inspiration is often quite spontaneous. Many times ideas hit me like a truck, and I have to scramble to find my camera before the moment is gone. The result is a collection of images that vary greatly in subject matter and quite often style.

Some people have pushed me to choose a subject matter or a style for my photography, to be known for a “type” of photography. My “type” is beautiful and varied. I make no apologies for being “all over the place”. I hold onto a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. He said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Visit me at


Gallery South: Apr 8 – Jun 2, 2019

Loving the Landscape – Group Show

Art sample by David Allen

Curator Statement:

Loving the Land is a photography show about the big picture we often see, but also the smaller views within this incredible planet. Views of frost covered windows, reflective pools, shadowy paths, trees and close-ups of plants and wild life. I am struck by the wonderful textures captured by these amazing photographers. Their expert eyes and camera are caressing the land, capturing but not harming what they see – reveling in the gifts that are around us.

We hope this show inspires you to take the time to notice the large and small details around you and encourages you to love this land in creative, nurturing ways.

Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Artists included in this show:

David Allen, Jeff Baker, Eric David, Jessica Eden, Danielle Goshay, Patrick Hulley, Hilary Johnson, Michael Moon, Karen Richards

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