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Dear Neighbourhood Members,

Please note that this is the final edition of the Newsletter as we currently know it. We have found that the launch and maintenance of our new website requires a huge commitment, and so have made the decision to focus our limited resources on stabilizing website operations and maintenance. This is seen as a temporary solution and in the fall we plan to evaluate our needs and a new format with the possibility of reintroducing a newsletter.

We realise that many members look forward to the newsletter and apologise for any inconveniences that may be experienced as a result of this decision. During this period we invite you to get acquainted with the many features that this website to offer.

For those of you who make regular contributions to the newsletter, here are some alternative options that you may wish to consider to get your message out:
* Website – Announcements, Events, News, Special Features, Committee Pages:
see Contacts page for list of contacts
* Theme Brochure – For theme related quotes or contributions:
Margaret Hazelwood Wayne Walder
* Emails – Distributed to members weekly by Hala in our Neighbourhood Office:
Hala Riad
* Neighbourhood Facebook Page – Public: Margaret Hazelwood
* Neighbourhood Facebook Page – Neighbourhood Community: David Zalokar
* Sunday Service Announcements: Susanne Maziarz
* Notice Boards at Neighbourhood Building: Hala Riad

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best regards,
Margaret Hazlewood, Chair, Neighbourhood Communications Committee