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Journey to Awakening Conscious Movement class Wednesdays Cancelled till further notice!

 JOURNEY TO AWAKENING Movement, breath, chanting, yoga, meditation – exploring synergy of body/mind/spirit through themes.   Contact Phyllis Danu We begin the class at 10:00, please arrive a bit before this.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for the first class you attend. Even if you cannot attend all the classes of a series – please do not…

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SEA potluck lunch Sunday November 25

Join us after service to continue discussing the issues raised in Bruce’s talk.  What actions are people committed to human rights around the world taking to counter the disturbing nationalistic trends? How can we support such work?   All welcome to attend; bring a dish to share if you can.

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Does anyone have one extra seat at your dinner table

for a special dinner over the Holidays?  If you do, put your name on the signup sheet in the Cappuccino room.  If you don’t have a dinner to go to this year, give someone on the list a call.  They will let you know what they can offer and when.

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