Care of our World

Service is an integral part of the Neighbourhood experience. We believe in putting our values into action, and offer many opportunities, both within our building and beyond its walls, to make a difference. Every action we take, big or small, that brings more love into our lives and the lives of those around us takes us one step closer to healing the world.

Serve the Congregation

Communities only truly become communities when we pay attention to how we spend our time together, and bring intention to the work of building bonds of care and relationship. The simple act of greeting those entering the building on Sunday mornings is an important act of hospitality, as is spending time on Sunday mornings educating our children and youth. To find out more about these and many other ways you might volunteer within the congregation community, please look through the opportunities in the Care of our world menu.

Serve the Community

At ¬†Neighbourhood we try to help one another, we help those in need, and we work towards righting the many injustices in the world. Volunteering in the broader Toronto community is an important part of our ministry, and we are active in a wide range of programs. ¬†From working at “Out of the Cold,” helping refugee families become successful and productive contributors to our society, to building and renovating homes for “Habitat for Humanity,” there are many ways we can Care for our World. To find out more about these and many other ways you might volunteer with the congregation in the broader community, please click on our list of Outreach Opportunities.