Your Volunteer Committee (Terry Brackett – Chair, Janine Lewis and Karen Richards) are organizing a volunteer fair happening this September 28. This event will help kick start Neighbourhood’s busy months of fundraising and fun! We look forward to everyone attending this festive, energizing and informative hour to renew our volunteering passion and to encourage the newest members of our community.

Volunteering is good for the heart and soul …

mom readingOur mission statement is:

The Volunteer Committee encourages, supports and recognizes Neighbourhood’s dedicated volunteers, of all ages, whose contributions are essential in helping achieve Neighbourhood’s mission to empower spiritual growth and shared action for the care of our world.

The above statement reminds us that our service is an outward sign of Unitarian Universalist faith and of our principles. Each person has been asked to share his or her strengths and gifts, not only at Neighbourhood, but also in creating positive change in our world.