Solar Power

solarpanelsWe celebrated our solar project ground-breaking on June 6, 2010!

We have a real-time display about the workings of the solar panels in our lobby.



We live in a time of global warming and are witnessing the beginnings of environmental changes which may soon be irreversible, putting in peril our survival and that of other life forms on our planet. The evidence is now overwhelming that the burning of non-renewable hydrocarbon fuels is at the root of this impending crisis.

As members of the Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, we have a responsibility to help resolve these problems, as we are able. Fortunately, the government of Ontario has recently increased its subsidies for power generated from renewable sources. This makes it feasible for us to generate electricity from solar panels on the roof of our building.

We also intend to conserve energy by insulating the roof of our building, retrofitting our lighting and electrical controls and taking other measures to reduce consumption.

By doing these things, we can create a model for other organizations to follow, contribute to the greening of our local economy, and put into practice our seventh Unitarian Universalist Principle: “To promote and affirm the interconnected web of existence of which we are a part.”



Neighbourhood’s Solar Project was one of the finalists for the 2010 Green Toronto Awards.


 Sample of our energy production

112 Microinverters
Toronto, ON
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