Learning About Leadership

There are over 20,000 books with leadership in their title.

Maybe there are so many books about leadership because writers struggle with one of the most important aspects of  leadership. DSCN2528It is service.

Leadership is about service. We can’t really lead until we learn how to serve others.
There are other “competencies” required for leadership. Those can be learned only after we choose to serve.

Once we choose to serve others, even in a small way, we can learn many things about people and leadership. Some of these competencies happen in our small groups at Neighbourhood.

The list below suggests what we might learn as we serve others.

Leading Sunday Services:  Public speaking, the capacity to hold spiritual space for others, confidence.
Meditation:                                    Quieting the mind, focus, calming the body
Choir:                                                 Discipline, fun, concentration
Governing Board:                     Perspective, kindness, vision
Small Groups:                               Group process, topical information, friendship

Favorite books on Leadership:

10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders  by Al Gini and Ronald Green.  Leadership can be learned when it begins with service.

Leadership on the Line  by Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky.  Learning about the context of leadership.

The Leadership Challenge  by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.  Empirically-based studies of leadership.