Help Us Meet Our 2020 Pledge Goal of $110,000!

Dear Members and Friends of Neighbourhood,

Thank you for all your support in 2018! We are a generous congregation, whether you make financial contributions or volunteer your valuable time. In most cases, both! It is what being a community is all about and with this we keep Neighbourhood going and growing.

What is a Pledge and why do we need a Pledge Goal? Every November we ask you to consider what your commitment of financial support will be for the following year – this is your “pledge”. Over the next two months we are in Pledge Campaign mode here at Neighbourhood. The Finance Committee has set the 2020 Pledge Goal at $110,000. – Your pledge is critical for planning purposes and provides our Finance team and board with realistic expectations. A pledge is not just for members but for everyone who comes to Neighbourhood. Your valued donations will ensure this community continues to thrive and we thank you for remembering this and honouring that pledge.

We are growing! Neighbourhood continues to grow both with our membership and programs such as our Lifespan Learning, supporting refugee families, a vibrant and active Social and Environmental Action Committee, an extraordinary and inspiring choir, guest speakers and artists, and wonderful (no charge) small groups and programs that feed our minds and souls. We continue to operate as lean as possible with respect to resources and equipment.

Never pledged or donated in the past? Perhaps this year you could consider pledging or donating. Large or small, your contribution will make a difference. We hear over and over again from individuals lighting a candle at Joys and Concerns how coming to Neighbourhood has made a difference in their life. Making a financial donation will make a difference and your pledge allows us to plan and build in improvements where we can.

Generosity made easy. We are excited that so many are using the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement options and encourage everyone to consider using this. Please deposit your pledge form and, if appropriate, PAD form or cheque(s) in the red pledge box in the Cappuccino Room by December 31st. We would also gladly accept your forms personally or you can pass along to any member of our Pledge Campaign Team, Board or Finance Committee at Sunday services.

With warmth and gratitude,

Michelle Lalonde, Chris Lawrence, Mary Scott and Debb Bertazzon
Your Pledge Campaign Team

Donate Now!

It doesn’t have to be during pledge campaign time and you don’t have to be a member to make a pledge or contribute to our community. Please consider making a donation at ANY time! We accept online donations through Paypal, just click the button below!

Contact us to discuss other methods for donating which include the convenient PAD (Pre-authorized Debit) which will allow monthly/bi-monthly transfer of funds to Neighbourhood. Thank you for your generosity.