Challenges: Spiritual Activities

Spiritual Questions:

What happens inside your head or heart when you are challenged? How do you respond: fear, anger, or intrigue?

Can you tell someone how you overcame a challenge? Can you tell someone how you failed, especially one that mattered?

Spiritual Practice:

During a normal day, can you become aware of when you feel fear? Sometimes we do not notice a challenge has come upon us. Our fear clues us into the dangers and the possibilities in our future.

Fight or flight is usually our dynamic response to a challenge. It is built into our brains. Some of us also freeze. Physiologists tell us that this response happens about 3-5 seconds after we notice a challenge. Can you become aware of what is happening in this 3-5 seconds? If you can, you will have another option to reacting to your challenge … rather than running away, fighting or freezing.