Coming Out: Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Instruction

The practice of denying ourselves almost anything has gone out of favour. We treat ourselves to food and entertainment. We can indulge ourselves in recurrent thoughts and less than healthy habits. Then, when we try to deny those thoughts or habits in a spiritual practice, we can become frustrated or annoyed with the process. The next time you try a spiritual practice and feel bored, annoyed, useless, frustrated or angry try and consider how it might be your resistance causing the angst.

Coming out is not simply about declaring our individuality. It is also about removing the obstacles that inhibit us: shame, anger, fear, confusion, grief.

Spiritual Practice – Try It!

The next time you practice your spirituality, can you let go and come out from whom you think you are? Can you let go of your desire to get it right, to be happy, to learn more, to fit in? Just let go of what you think you should do and be as honest and as present in the moment as you can be.


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