Common Good: Podcast and Movie Resources


Change Our Culture, Change Our World
by Nate Garvis, 10 min, on Ted Talks
Nate Garvis asks: What can we do to create an environment in which powerful institutions are used for the common good? He reminds us that we are the creators of culture, through our habits. By changing our habits (gratefulness, meditation, etc.) we can change the way we think and act; and when we change the way we act, we pressure the world
to change.

Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System
by Philip K. Howard, 18 min, on TedTalk
Philip K. Howard is the founder of Common Good. In this simple and informative talk he suggests that we have to change the way the law works so we can work together safely and creatively. He has four ideas for how to fix it.

Invictus   (2009)
with Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Tony Kgoroge
This movie shows the inspiring true life story of Nelson Mandela’s first days as president of South Africa and how he joined forces with the captain of the South African Rugby team to help unite their country. Invictus is an inspiring movie about building the common good any way you can.


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