Is our work to savour life, or save it?  During our shared ministry this year, Nicoline and I have spoken about how this question impacts our lives.  It is easy to feel conflicted as we try to decide between savour and save.  Do we by our work, will and effort, try to make the world a better place, or do we enjoy the world, its beauty and our pleasure?  One or the other.

On a rational day we might say, “we don’t have to pick only one, we can do them both.”  Yet for some reason we often don’t.  Maybe the reason we struggle between savouring and saving is because we can usually do only one at a time.  Savouring makes us aware of our pleasure so we can enjoy our lives.  Saving means using our resources of time, effort and money as we attempt to heal the world.  So we choose one.  Yet the choice between saving and savouring can be  difficult.  It’s hard to savour the world with suffering around us.  It’s hard to heal the world when we don’t feel like we have time or permission to savour it.  So we struggle. 

After a while we might try healing the world just a little bit or we try savouring the world just a little bit, but both are inadequate.  Savouring a little bit does not satisfy our need to fall in love with the world.  And healing the world a little bit never seems to make a difference.  We can become cynical about saving or savouring.

What if we tried to savour the world, “all in”?  Can we take a moment and without pause or distraction “love” what we are doing?  In the links to a video in the Delight brochure there is an choir within a library.  The quiet interior of the library changes into a concert of smiles and delight.  (Please watch it here.)  Savouring takes very little time if you are all in.

And can we help, “all in”?  Can we lean into healing the world or just a small part of It?  Stay till the end, make sure everything is done, give until there is nothing left?

I find that delight spreads deeply through our body  when I choose to savour our lives and heal the very planet and people that allow it.


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