Families Growing Together: Finding Authenticity

by Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

Does your family need to come out? Are you struggling to keep up appearances? Coming out used to be an term to establish young women as acceptable and proper in society. Now, it has so much more meaning: authenticity, hope, realness.

Envious thoughts can soon follow as we scan our peers and friends. We see their lives as being more interesting, more put together, more acceptable than our own. We can fail to see their shortcomings and struggles, largely because we’ve been caught in quicksand trap of comparison.

Comparing is so common in family life. Mothers are compared to each other based on their infant-rearing strategies, parents are judged on their disciplinary skills (or lack thereof). Coming out as a family and all that that entails is hard, because you risk judgement but you also gain some personal and emotional freedom.

Is your family imperfect? So is mine. Let’s have a Coming Out conversation about that and maybe we might find something in common.

As a family, watch a Disney film together … really! Examine how the main character is an outcast and finds their own way in life as who they are. It is amazing.


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