by Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

Discipline is a touchy subject in many parenting circles. It is common for there to be a plethora of ideas and practices around the adherence to discipline within the home.

One of the struggles with discipline is that it requires some level of power to be relinquished.

Parents and guardians, I am sure you well know how crucial it is to the well-being of a child that they understand that they can’t have everything they want in life.

Learning the art of discipline is a vital part of becoming an adult. We can’t do whatever we want every day or we will run out of money. We can’t drive as fast as we want or we could hurt somebody. Fostering discipline in children is not only good for them but for others as well.

Talk to your children or children in your life about how discipline plays a role in your own life. Perhaps you can talk to them about why you work for a living.

Take an evening to watch Disney’s Mulan. It tells the story of a young girl who takes her father’s place as a soldier in war and pretends to be a boy. Watch her discipline as she recognizes the need to sacrifice herself for the betterment of others.