Families Growing Together: What Does The Voice of Your Family Say?

by Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

Have you experienced that inner voice? Perhaps you hear your mother’s voice in the back of your head saying, “That is a TERRIBLE idea!” Others might hear a positive voice enthusing, “You Got This!” We’ve all heard those voices. We know their helpful spirit or their hindering negativity. But what about the voice of your family – have you heard what it has to say?

All of the changes in life – birth, suffering, success, failure, moving – somehow interact with our inner voice, but what does the voice of our family have to say? Whether or not it speaks loudly, it is crucial to be able to hear it. If we don’t, then we can never know if it is helping or hindering us to grow together.

Have you spent time listening to your family’s voice? What is it telling you? Does it need space? Can it be helped in some small way?

Watch the Disney Pixar Movie Inside Out  as a family. Have you recently experienced a situation similar to Riley’s in which something has changed? What is your voice telling you? How can you listen to each other?


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