Families Growing Together: What We Offer To The World Matters

by Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

Church is no longer common. It is not what people do anymore. More often, people are confused by those who are still committed to their religious beliefs.

What would it take for us to be bold this year?

I’m asking myself this question as part of our Lifespan Learning Program. What makes bold children? What makes a bold community?

I believe that what makes us bold are the very things that make us special. We think differently about the world. We are radically inclusive. We are doers and we are loving.

Sometimes we carry with us fears of being bold. Sometimes I wonder what we are afraid of when it comes to telling others about our faith. Are we worried that we will appear as other faiths who have evangelized and perhaps done damage?

We are special. What we offer to the world matters. This year, let us build bold children, families and communities.

Bring your friends. Come and see why Neighbourhood is such a special place.


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