by Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

Does your family have special rituals? Perhaps some are centred around bed time routines? When I was young, my grandmother had a cottage on the Lake of Bays. We would travel the 4+ hours to make it there for Friday nights. When my cousin was visiting from out of town, it would severely upset my ritual of crawling out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and quietly walking down toward my grandmother’s bed. There my cousin would be, in my spot and it caused quite hard feelings.

Ritual is where habits meet spirituality. Where are the simple rituals within your family unit? Perhaps you say a word of thanksgiving when you sit down to eat. Or perhaps there is a land of fairies, dragons and make-believe you visit in stories right before bed time.

Take an opportunity this month to connect more deeply to the rituals within your family. How do they connect you to your relationships? What might you do that you haven’t done before to create new connections within those relationships?

The Never-Ending Story is a fantastic movie to watch about relationship, ritual and story-telling. Point out to your children how the Princess’s health connects to the world. How does that relationship appear in today’s world? How does your ritual life affect the social life of you and your family?