Families Growing Together: Written Words

by Margaret Evans, Director of Lifespan Learning

This year, I had a unique experience of letting go of some major life events. It was a long process that involved many turns and steps backward, but eventually I made it to where I am today.

One of the most influential things I did to help myself along this journey was to write myself a letter. I wrote everything down that I felt and thought. After I wrote it, I felt much lighter because I realized that I was trying to hold on to all the information so that I wouldn’t forget it. I realized, once I had written it down, it no longer was a burden on my mind to hold – the universe could hold it now as forever frozen as my truth.

Perhaps you have similar momentous memories, either positive or negative, both as an individual and as a family unit. What if every year you wrote down some of the major events in a journal?

Take some time as this school year ends, to write down some of the influential moments that moved you. Maybe someday you can revisit them as a family. Words written will not disappear, even if the memory does.

For kids: Watch Finding Nemo and listen to the story of how a lost fish finds his way back home with a forgetful friend, Dory, who can’t remember most things. She needs a lot of reminders along the way.
For adults only: If you have Netflix and don’t mind some inappropriate language, watch a documentary called Mortified Nation. It’s about average people who read out of their diaries from their teen years. It is hilarious and heart-warming.


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