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A RETREAT. Learn How To Be Peaceful – November 29th to December 1st

TO REGISTER  or for more information call 416-686-6809

Learn  –  how to be peaceful, how stop worrying, how to stay with a practice, how to work with your inner dialogue .

Look behind your thoughts.

Come and Experience

* Silence, except for reflections and after meditation questions.

* A comfortable private bedroom. Massage.

* Guided Mindful Practices 3 times daily.

* Walks in the gardens or on the labyrinth.

* Meditations focusing on breathing, poetry, music.


2 nights, 6 meals


The gifts you take home

We get together throughout the day as Reverend Wayne Walder guides us in meditations designed to help us let go of our busyness.

He will also guide us in mindfulness using different practices throughout the weekend.

Please confirm your attendance before November 10th.