Our Beliefs & Values

  • Wisdom and writings from many sources
  • No commandments
  • Dogma free
  • Multi-faith

Our philosophy is that beliefs and values should fit individuals. We no longer need to fit into the religious values of others. In our services we use readings from all the world’s faiths, from poetry, philosophy, science and from beautiful prose. For us, the whole world is our sacred text. This allows us an uncommon openness to diverse sources of wisdom. It also means our community is packed with a wide array of perspectives and beliefs. This diversity excites us. It’s not always easy to deal with so many different views, but it leaves us richer than any of us could be on our own. The links below take you to our national (CUC) and international (UUA) organizations where you can find more information about us. The videos tell you about Unitarian Universalism from its members.