Neighbourhood’s Art Galleries

Our Gallery Spaces are located in the back corridors on the 2nd floor of Neighbourhood’s building. North Gallery has 53 linear feet consisting of seven walls, one of brick, six of drywall. South Gallery has 80 linear feet consisting of ten walls, one of brick, nine of drywall. Shows will usually run for 3 or 4 months.

Our Mandate:  Sharing Art for the Beautification of our World

This is a safe place to exhibit works, offer them for sale, and to have a meaningful dialogue with others about how you want to make the world a better place through your art. As long as the work meets the criteria, we will endeavour to include it as part of a group or solo show. This Gallery practises inclusiveness, and welcomes artists of all ages, races, economic background, sexual orientation and religion who desire to make and show their art. If you’re interested in displaying works at our Gallery Spaces, please see our proposal submission guidelines and information page for detailed information.


Neighbourhood is a busy place. During weekdays, it is used by the Kew Park Montessori School. There are three ways you can view artwork: by attending Neighbourhood events (see Calendar), attending Sunday Service, or by making an appointment with our Office Manager, Hala Riad. Appointments can be made during our regular office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am – 3 pm, by phoning 416-686-6809 or emailing at

Sunday service (10:30 am – noon) and following coffee/snack time (noon – 1 pm) is an ideal time to come to view the work.

For much more information (eg. Curator, submissions, shows, etcetera) see the Related Links.
Bumblebee Jasper III by Lauren McKinley Renzetti
Bumblebee Jasper III by Lauren McKinley Renzetti