About Our Curator

Curatorial Statement

Curator: Lauren McKinley Renzetti
Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Curator, Neighbourhood Gallery, www.nuuc.ca

Making is important, and for many artists, this is enough. But showing what you make can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. Artists make from within themselves, and to expose their innermost ideas to the world can be scary. The Gallery scene in the big wide world is fickle, and its myriad obstacles and uncertain payback can be discouraging. As an artist and teacher, Lauren knows these trials first-hand and wants to change the system, one – or in this case, two – galleries at a time. Neighbourhood Gallery North and South believes in inclusiveness, acceptance and encouragement. It is a safe space to show artists who may be new, or those who may be frustrated with a larger system that bruises the artist’s ego unrelentingly. All are welcome to apply to show, and view the work.


Lauren McKinley Renzetti is proud to be the curator for Neighbourhood Gallery. She moves into this role with over 25 years experience as a practising Artist and Art Instructor. In the larger Ontario community Lauren teaches at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Works Art School in the west end of Toronto, occasionally facilitates Art For Cancer workshops and runs an artists’ retreat in August at Unicamp. She is a long-time Unicamper, currently holding the Board positions of Vice President and Seasonal Chair, and on-site position of Artist in Residence. Lauren is an active member of Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation as an Alto in the choir, President of the Board and volunteers in any creative capacity needed. The 3–part installation in Neighbourhood’s sacred space was a project to foster beauty and community through art-building. If you are interested in Lauren’s other roles, her web site at www.laurenmckinleyrenzetti.ca has information on her art and teaching practices.