New Show in Art Gallery!

Showing from Jan 20 – Mar 8
Opening Reception: Jan 26, from 12 – 1 pm


Neighbourhood Gallery North & South:
Know Thy Self – A Group Printmaking Show
North gallery features Christine Luna Hansen

Curator Statement:

L Ovens art sample

This show is about printmaking. Printmaking is very process-based and time consuming, involves planning, being super tidy and being willing to let the medium have a voice. It is a great way to experiment with an idea or colour theory with relatively quick results. A Monoprint is a one-off print. Relief prints are carving into the surface of a plate (of linoleum, softoleum or wood), and ink only goes where the original surface remains. Collagraphs are also relief, but created from a buildup of objects. The ink only sits on the highest raised surface. In the case of Intaglio, the ink is actually rubbed into a scored area on aluminum, zinc or plexiglass and then rubbed clean everywhere else. A sugar lift print is the use of carnation milk and ink and then painted on to the aluminum surface then placed in an acid bath where the sugar falls away and the surface below is exposed to the acid. This is a form of intaglio that has a more painted quality in the mark making. Silkscreen or stencil printmaking is the only form of print that is not reversed. A stencil is placed under a screen and the ink is forced through the surface with a squeegee. The ink will only go where there are openings. A digital print can be created using a computer program like Photoshop, Artrage or Illustrator, and it can be drawing-based, photo-based, or illustration-based. The computer and printer do the actual printing, but the creation still remains the work of the artist.

The artists were asked to create a message or image that conveys a meaningful message.

In our climate crisis, nature, beauty, love and peace seem to dominate our views.

Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Artists in this show are:
Julie Bowen, Pamela Dodds, Loretta Faveri, David Johns, Loree Ovens, Lauren Renzetti, Karen Richards,
Johnathan Rotsztain

The North Gallery features printmaking by artist Christine Luna Hansen:

Artist Statement:

C L Hansen – Big Red Blooms

My art is influenced by music and mood, foreign travel, nature’s patterns and rhythms. Those influences stem from living and working on the West Coast of Canada, in an Indigenous community of Alert Bay, B.C., the northern Alberta community of Grand Prairie, and travel to Europe, North Africa, the American Southwest and Latin America. From observing and enjoying the natural world I have come to believe in Animism (from the Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”), a belief that all objects, places and creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence.

~ Brief Biography ~

Christine studied at Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Vancouver (Diploma Fine Arts) and pursued printmaking as her medium of choice, along with continuing drawing and color theory classes. She exhibited in Vancouver at Malaspina Printmakers, Six of One Gallery, the ECCAD Summer Show, solo printmaking shows at WECC Gallery and The Naam Café Gallery, and at Arts Whistler, B.C. Now living in Toronto, she is a recent member of the Don Valley Arts Club (DVAC) where she is exploring pastel and acrylic painting and continuing printmaking. She has exhibited with the DVAC at Todmorden Mills Gallery, the Sunnybrook Hospital Art Foundation, Artusiasm Gallery, Art for Cancer Foundation, Oakwood Library & Arts Centre, and at the Gerrard Art Space Drawing Show.

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