Showing from Nov 18, 2019 – Jan 19, 2020
Opening Reception: Nov 24, from 12 – 1 pm


Neighbourhood Gallery North & South:
The Very Fibre of My Being – by Kathleen Morris, Carolina Reis & Heather Weldrake

Curator Statement:

art sample – Heather Weldrake

Sometimes I come across art works of such crafts(wo)menship that my breath is taken completely away. The work has a soul that is so open, visceral and present that I am enthralled. I wanted to share that experience with you. Kathleen Morris, Carolina Reis and Heather Weldrake are not your typical painters: All three would be categorized as Fibre Artists, with weaving, sewing and felting as the medium for their visual stories.

Kathleen incorporates organics like leaves, plants and grasses in the works, which gives the viewer pause to consider the shape and perfection of each individual item. She even takes the texture of said item further – to the rhythm and pattern created when many are integrated together.

Carolina uses threads to create pictures; not in a typical embroidered fashion, but as a line to express an algorithm and visual accumulation of lines to create negative and positive space.

Heather uses needle-felted wool in a painstaking way to slowly stretch and position different colours to create sweeping landscapes with a windblown feel.

Their work hits me to my core. Makes me react from … The Very Fibre of My Being.

Lauren McKinley Renzetti