Gallery Submission Guidelines and Info

… for Prospective Artists/Art Groups

Submission Proposal Guidelines

Call for Proposals For Solo and Group Shows is on an ongoing basis.
For a successful submission proposal, please follow the below guidelines carefully (unless you are following a specific group invitation with its own criteria):

1.  Email submission to Curator Lauren McKinley Renzetti,, and include “Neighbourhood gallery submission” in subject header.

2.  Send an artist’s statement (a short paragraph) about the work to be shown. (NOTE: We do not request this if you are submitting works for a group invitational, unless you are a group submitting as a whole.)

3.  Include a resume and/or biography, 1 page max. (NOTE: We do not request this if you are submitting works for a group invitational, unless you are a group submitting as a whole.)

4.  Artwork images:  Send no more than 10 jpegs of available works (specs below). You will be notified if more are needed for the curatorial aspect. If you include a link to a web site with your works, please be clear which works or series are available to display.

5.  Submit a list of works with title, media, size and price (if for sale, or “NFS” if not for sale). This aspect is critical for label-making by Lauren. You may also opt to make the labels.

6.  Show dates are generally three months in length and run from first Sunday of month one to last Sunday of the third month.  If you have a dates preference, please mention which are best and/or not available.

7.  Art Work must be 2-dimensional only. It should be framed or matted with wire on back, 2” down from top, on the back (as it will hang from an S-hook), and labeled for clarity on the back. Work will not be shown otherwise.

8.  Installation:  Shows are installed on the Sunday previous to opening, after Service. Opening receptions take place on opening day (usually a first Sunday of the month from noon – 1 pm).  Removal:  Work is usually taken down on the last Sunday of the third month after Service is over (at noon). If you are not a member of Neighbourhood and Sundays are not good days, other arrangements are unfortunately not usually available.

Size of Works Considerations

All walls are a variety of sizes and shapes. These intimate spaces show intimate works well.

. North Gallery:
53 linear feet
Can hold approximately 18 pieces all about 2′ wide
Wall sizes: 10′, 8′, 4′, 13′, 8′, 4′, 6′

. South Gallery:
80+ linear feet
Can hold approximately 28 pieces all 2′ wide
Wall sizes: 10′, 4′, 4′, 12′, 8′, 10′, 11′, 6′, 8′, 8′

These approximations are set quite close together and not necessarily recommended. These numbers are mentioned more to give you an idea of how many pieces could work in the space. Due to the space sizes, pieces bigger than 5 feet in any direction are not recommended.

Acceptable Art at Neighbourhood Gallery

  1. Art must conform to our value system of the 7 Unitarian Universalist principles:  this is a sacred space, so please be mindful.
  2. Art must be audience and age appropriate. Can your work be seen by all age groups (from 3 years and up) and by people from all walks of life?
  3. Pieces must have proper hanging systems on the back of each work (ie. must be able to hang from an S-hook chain hanging system, have a wire attached 2” from the top of piece at back and be clearly labeled on the back).
  4. Work should be presented in a professional manner; ideally in a frame, but if on stretched canvas, the edges should be finished. Presentation is important.
  5. Art is subjective and given to interpretation. There is no “ugly” art: all tastes are different and a wide variety of subject matter, ideas and images can be shown in this space. If all other criteria is met above and still no other work is brought forward, the curator may choose to have blank walls, but would rather encourage new, untried artists to use this showcase opportunity.
  6. This Gallery practises inclusiveness, and welcomes artists of all ages, races, economic background, sexual orientation and religion, who desire to make and show their art, provided it meets the above criteria.

Other Useful Information

Sales of Work:  Neighbourhood asks for No Submission Fee, No Commission, and does not provide insurance on your work.

It is best to display your own contact information, as Neighbourhood will not sell work or collect money on your behalf. Arrangements of sales will be between you and the purchaser. If you do sell pieces during your show at Neighbourhood, a donation to Neighbourhood is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the use of our space. A tax receipt would be issued to you in the February following your show, for amounts over $20.

Exposure and Advertising:  The benefit to showing in this space is exposure. Over 350 people walk through our doors each week. People of all ages, races, education, economic background and interests visit our space regularly. For two months, your work would be seen, admired and enjoyed by these people. With a schedule in place before opening dates, there will be time for artists to submit promotional items to Neighbourhood or elsewhere (eg. flyers, brochures, websites) and make their own e-vites or invitations to the opening. Artists can post in any newspapers or online guide that they wish to. The Curator will endeavor to post and make announcements with in Neighbourhood’s community, SNAP, the press and on media boards such as Craig’s List and Kijiji. Artists may invite anybody they wish to the space to see their work: we are wheelchair accessible. Where possible and appropriate, the artwork may be included in literature, in service as part of the overhead display and possibly even hung in the sacred space. Upon being awarded a show at Neighbourhood Gallery, an artist contract will be created with all details concerning copyright, insurance and your wishes regarding social media and being featured in our literature. Neighbourhood benefits from refreshing art on its walls and encouraging new visitors to come through to view the work.

Invitation/EVITE Format:  Your could craft invitations which include the following example information:

[Title of Show], [Type of work]
[Your name] 
[Dates of show]
Opening Reception Sunday [date] from 12 – 1 pm
View on Sunday before 10:30 am, or after Service from noon to 1 pm
or by appointment Mon, Wed or Fri from 9 am – 3 pm
Neighbourhood Gallery [North or South]
Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation
79 Hiawatha Avenue M4L 2X7     416-686-6809


Checklist for Artist Submissions

  • contact info (name, email, phone, web site, etc.)
  • 10 jpegs, 300 dpi, 1 GB largest file size
  • artist statement
  • artist resume or biography
  • title of show
  • list of works (include title, your name, media, size, year, price, contact info)
  • date preference (no preference, or preferred/non-preferred month/year)
  • gallery preference (no preference, or North or South)


For Gallery-specific questions not answered above, or to submit an artwork show proposal, contact our Curator Lauren at