Kids and Youth

Neighbourhood Lifespan Learning offers programs on Sunday mornings for children and youth ages 3-18, as well as all-ages family events, Sunday Services, and field trips. All our offerings seek to further Neighbourhood’s mission: to empower spiritual growth and shared action for the care of our world.

We seek to provide a variety of opportunities for young people to engage in service, community building, and social action; to explore world religions and diverse spiritual practices; and to develop their own theology, values, leadership skills and sense of truth. It’s fun too! By attending regularly over a period of years children will receive a well-balanced program covering a variety of topics and perspectives.

Goals of Lifespan Learning

  • To foster a vibrant multi-generational spiritual community, where people of all ages learn and share with one another
  • To give children an understanding of the values expressed in the Unitarian Universalist Principles
  • To educate children about diverse world religions and spiritual practices, stressing the common themes that unite them
  • To encourage an open-minded, continuing search for truth, drawing upon humanist teachings which counsel us to heed the guidance of reason
  • To help children develop a personal philosophy that will enable them to make wise choices as they face the challenges of their lives ahead
  • To teach children about social responsibility and help them to feel they can make a positive difference in the world
  • To offer community building and learning opportunities for parents who wish to incorporate spirituality into family life

We Support 7 Principles:

  • Respect for all you meet
  • Be kind in all you do
  • We help each other learn
  • We search for what is true
  • All people need a say
  • Work for a world that’s fair
  • The web of life’s the way

We Draw from 6 Sources:

  • Experiences of awe and wonder
  • Stories of kind and wise people
  • The wisdom of world religions
  • Findings of reason and science
  • Nature and the circle of life
  • Our UU history and traditions

To learn more, check out “Families” on our menu.