OUR CHILDREN: Building Community In Harmony

Families Growing Together

By Amanda Fischer, Director of Lifespan Learning

Our Children—Harmony


Harmony is a blending of different voices to create one beautiful sound. One of the lessons we can learn from harmony is about how individuals can work together to achieve common goals that would be impossible to attain on our own. Another lesson from the concept of harmony is that dissonant notes can sometimes come together to create something beautiful.


This month, practice fostering a spirit of harmony by building community and skills for cooperation with your family and friends. Try out some of the practices below:


  • Read out loud “Coyote Sings to the Moon” by Thomas King, a story about how every voice is needed in our community- even if it isn’t the most beautiful!
  • Enjoy a sing-a-long together with some favourite tunes; blend your voices in harmony and working together to create something beautiful
  • Watch “Goonies” (PG), a classic film where an eclectic group of kids of different ages come together to go on a fantastic quest
  • Walk together with family and friends at the Pride Parade to promote harmony, acceptance and understanding among people of different sexual orientations and gender expressions


Monthly Theme Challenge
 Harmony expresses itself in behaviours like courtesy, patience, cooperation, appreciation and tolerance. These are the skills that allow us to work together to achieve a common goal. This month, as a family, focus on one of these behaviours. Take time each day to review ways in which you practiced the behaviour and times you could have done better. You might set up a reward system and celebrate your accomplishments with a special treat at the end of the month!


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