OUR MUSIC: A World Of Harmonies

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

My dog, Sigmund, is teaching me how to become more present, aware and appreciative of the sensual details of the present moment.  He indulges in the profusion of scents around him and I in the sounds.

In music, harmony does not necessarily refer to something pleasing to the ear.  Music is abound with dissonant harmony.  It is simply the simultaneous occurrence of more than one sound.

There is a harmony in the squeal of car breaks, the wind in the trees, the morning birds, and Sigmund’s whimper.  Even a single tone played at the piano is a harmony of the overtones (harmonics) that create it.

I wonder how we would treat each other and our planet if we were more aware of the harmonies created between us and all of the elements that make up our world.


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