Our Music – Delight In Singing Together

Each summer, the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network (UUMN) hosts their annual conference. Neighbourhood sponsors my attendance (this year in San Diego). At the conference, a service is held each morning and each evening knowing that the congregation is filled with professional UU musicians. My delight is in the hymn singing. There are 250 UU music directors raising our voices to hymns that we’ve led on Sunday mornings at our home congregations across the US and Canada. The sound, oh, the glorious sound!

Delight is particular to a certain moment; you cannot force it and it can be overwhelming. There is a delight that comes from singing together, from the shared sound, the shared moment of declaration and beauty. I invite you to sense the delight in music-making at our Sunday services. It is not a feeling you can have alone — it is in the breathing together, the feeling together, the sounding together, the meaning together. Sing out! Give life and sound to the divine breath. As songstress Ella Fitzgerald famously said, “The only thing better than singing, is more singing.”


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