Our Music: Finding Discipline in Chanting

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

Have You Tried It?

Since attending my first Singing Meditation service in Texas in 2013, I have made co-leading a public interfaith chant circle (along with Fred Maycock) one of my monthly spiritual practices.

Last year we began a short version of our Sunday evening chant/meditation circle to our Neighbourhood community once a month before service. Have you been yet? It is open to all voices. There is enough time in the half-hour for three chants. We teach them orally and you join in when you feel comfortable.

People are free to improvise and harmonize or appreciate the repetition of the tune. The chant lives its life and then we share a short silence before the next one starts.

I have committed myself to this practice as a way to directly connect musically with more members of the congregation. It is also both calming and uplifting and puts me a good space to lead music in the service. I know some folks have commented on the serenity and meditative quality they felt after the chanting ended.

Our next Morning Chants are on Sunday, May 8th, and Sunday, June 19th at 9:45 am in the Meditation Room. If there is interest, we will consider offering them in July and August. Let me know, either in person or at music@nuuc.ca!