Our Music: Let Love Continue Long!

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

Love … the inspiration for so much great music! At Neighbourhood this month we will have the chance to hear and sing some of our favourites.

The Spirit Band will be featuring some beautiful love songs by Paul McCartney and The Beach Boys. Our Spirit Choir will sing Ziggy Marley and The Beatles. Allison will share a beautiful love song by Stevie Wonder, and Steve plays Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Our hymn of the month for February is #129 in Singing the Living Tradition, Let Love Continue Long, a Unitarian Universalist text to an old hymn tune:

Let love continue long,
and show to us the way,
and if that love be strong,
no hurt can have a say;
and if that love remain but strong,
no hurt can ever have a say.

If love cannot be found,
though common faith prevails,
when love does not abound,
a common faith will fail.
When human love does not abound,
a common faith will always fail.

I would like to write new Chalice Lighting and Chalice Extinguishing music for the congregation. I am looking for texts – no more than 4 lines for each one and they should have the same rhythmic structure. Please send your entries to me at: music@nuuc.ca.


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