Our Music: Listen To The Soul Of The Music

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

What do you hear when you listen to music? It is a very different experience to sit back and listen to music than it is to be actively involved in making it. Can you hear the musician’s breath, the sound of their body in relation to their instrument? Can you hear a story told – a memoir, narrative or a fantasy? Can you hear a culture and all of the history that led to the making of that type of instrument to play that type of music in that sort of way? Can you listen for the soul of the music … the human element that connects the composer’s vision to the performer’s interpretation, to the listener’s soul? At Neighbourhood, music is not just entertainment. This month we will be hearing classical Indian, Irish folk, American pop, contemporary, classical and more. I respectfully invite you into actively listening to the music.


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