Our Music: Music, A Tool For Education In African Culture

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

To launch Black History Month on Sunday, February 7th, Tiki Mercury-Clarke performed at Neighbourhood as the first artist in our 2016 Concert Series.

But this wasn’t an ordinary hour of entertainment; this was education disguised as entertainment. Through storytelling, song, and ‘herstory’, she shared with us the experience of being African and growing up in Toronto through the 1960s.

Tiki is a kabandwa – a keeper and storyteller of African ancestral memories, and part of her mission is to bring
black history back into consciousness. Sharing music has always been a tool for education in African culture, whether it be directions for travel, recipes for cooking, recognizing ancestors… and the list goes on.

Tiki regularly performs for the TDSB, so this concert was good for the munchkins (grade 3 and up), too.


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