Our Music: Opening Hearts

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

Music can help us through our challenges. For performers and their audiences, music can be a healing and life-changing experience.

Music heals us by creating a space of feeling and beauty. In the congregation, and in singing with the Comfort Choir (see below), I have seen the opening of hearts and the emotional release that may not have been possible without a song. The Comfort Choir will sing at service on Sunday, Dec. 13th.

Our Talent Night (Fri. Dec. 4th, 7:30 pm) and Sunday services offer the opportunity for amateur musicians to perform for a loving, supportive audience, a chance to overcome performance anxiety and the daunting pressure of perfectionism. Members Noah Ibrahim, Heather Johnston, and Michael Polanyi will be sharing music with us on Sunday, Dec. 6th.

At our Christmas Eve service we’ll tell stories about refugees, and the Spirit Choir will sing “Would you Harbor Me?” by UU musician Dr. Ysaye Barnwell. Sometimes we recognize our own questions and concerns in songs that bring us illumination.

The mission of the Comfort Choir is to bring comfort, calm, spirit, and a soul-connection to the bedsides of patients in hospital and/or hospice.