Our Music: Practicing, Performing, Creating

by Susanne Maziarz, Music Director at Neighbourhood

This month we are launching our 2016 Concert Series.

Music is always about doing: practicing, performing, creating, active listening. At Neighbourhood, we want to honour and showcase this art form with three different performances falling on the first Sunday of the next three months. I hope you will join us in our beautiful and intimate sanctuary. All money raised from the concerts will go to new A/V equipment for the community.

On February 7th, Tiki Mercury-Clarke is coming to share an inter-generational performance for people nine and older. She writes, “In my youth, Sundays just sashayed out of Saturdays bringing gospel and jazz and spirituals and soul; education and history and laughter and pride. Never boring. Always interesting. Sundays. Through song and script and piano-playing, come with me and walk among this city’s Canadian Afrikan community of the 1960s. Share with me One Sunday; an experience you’ll never forget.”
More info at http://tikimercuryclarke.com.

On March 6th, Rev. Lynn Harrison and the Believers perform Lynn’s original songs and features her sincere vocals, intricate guitar playing, and thoughtful lyrics. In all paths of her work, Lynn lifts up a life-affirming message of hope, love and justice.
More info at: http://www.lynoleum.com/LH

On April 4th, enjoy Payadora Duo‘s steamy Buenos Aires’ sounds. Tango has a long and rich history and features technical virtuosity and improvisation, rhythmic vitality and emotional intensity. Rebekah Wolkstein (violin) and Tom King (piano) will be sharing with us their love for this musical style.
More info at http://payadora.com.


Single Tickets:  $15, Seniors/Artists/Children: $10.
For advance tickets and information, email Susanne Maziarz, music@nuuc.ca.