Practice: Spiritual Questions

. Can you remember a discipline you tried but rejected? Can you clearly remember why you rejected it? Was it too difficult or a poor fit for your personality? Did you get bored or tired easily? How did you feel when you gave it up?

. Has a type of practice or discipline worked for you? Can you clearly remember why it worked? Was if delightful, playful, satisfying? Did it increase your energy and perspective? Do you still do it?

. Henri Nouwen writes that a spiritual discipline requires silence so we can create a new space inside our lives. Not being occupied or preoccupied allows something new or unknown to enter our awareness. This month can you ‘let go deeply enough’, as a discipline? What I mean is, can you experiment with silence as a discipline, so that a space inside you can grow? It is not always necessary to give something up in order to have space for the new.


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