Rev. Wayne Walder: Acceptance and Letting Go

by Reverend Wayne Walder

There are times when words like “acceptance” or “letting go” can feel like the words of failure. We get to the end of our rope and we let go, or we accept the inevitable. By the time we feel this way, we are exhausted or over-whelmed.

But I’d like you to reconsider these words because I believe they can be empowering. For example, when we are making a difficult choice in our life, we must let go of many options in order to choose one. The letting go of options allows us to see the choice we need to make. Letting go of options and accepting the choice we make helps us focus and simplifies our lives. ‘Tis a gift to be simple …

That’s not all they can do. These concepts can help us become more spiritual as well. Acceptance and letting go can displace our ego just enough so that we see the world in a new way. This can help when a death, an illness, a birth or a new job totally changes how we feel. Instead of seeing life’s changes as problems, acceptance and letting go can remind us that we are travellers on this planet, like millions of others, and our journey is not under our control. When we let go of control, it feels like a weight slipping off our shoulders.

Try it with me. Accept this moment, right now, without conditions or busyness. Accept your body, what you are feeling and the place you are in. Accept this moment. Straighten your shoulders, take a breath. Accept the sounds you hear, try not to judge them. Accept your breath, one breath at a time. Can you feel your awareness begin to change?

Gently let go of your busyness for a few moments. You don’t need to hurry up to get to the “important” part of your day. For a few moments, let go of “the next thing to do”. Let go of the next moment so you can accept this moment. You can be busy later.

I find that when I accept this moment, and let go of my expectations and judgements, my awareness changes. I see things more clearly, I notice more. My body relaxes, and I feel a delight inside myself. When you try this, be on the lookout for a feeling underneath the acceptance. Watch for a pleasant feeling beside or beneath the letting go.

When we accept this moment and let go of our busyness, there is often a feeling of peace or delight as well as a wider awareness. We can use this feeling to help us accept the next moment.

We all get tired and overwhelmed, but for two minutes try accepting each moment as you let go of the next. Let me know how it works.


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