Rev. Wayne Walder: Being Allows Us to Feel A Different State Of Mind

by Reverend Wayne Walder

At our Sunday Service we have a Healing Ritual about once a month. The choir sings in the background while those who feel a need for healing stand up and move toward our chalice. Other members of our congregation come up and offer support by laying their hands on the shoulders or the backs of the people who need healing. Others come up behind them and touch their shoulders until everyone is connected with a hand on a shoulder. The idea is that everyone is being touched or held in the loving embrace of community. While that can sound trite, the feeling can be more than words can convey.

People have told me when they take part in this ritual they feel “connected”, “open”, “close”, “as one”. These mystical words remind us that we feel differently when we are still. That happens when we are “being”, rather than doing, thinking or worrying. In the middle of the music, the chant, the touch, people feel at peace, regardless of whether they felt the need for healing. Our healing ritual is a moment of “being”.

“Being” is not about doing nothing. Doing nothing is still all about doing. “Being” allows us to feel a different state of mind. When we are breathing, with no expectations, no actions, no judgment, no fear or hope, we have access to a deeper understanding.

“Being” is a deeper state. It happens when we can stop our usual internal dialogue and feel a simple connection with life. It reminds us that life is fragile, precious, difficult and transcendent. While this connection can be simple, it can also be profound. Tear streaked faces attest to that.

I believe we all know this “being” state. It happens during a sunset when we realize our lives are perfect if only for a minute. It happens when we are afraid, and we can see danger in more detail. It happens when we are delighted and laugh in abandon. It happens when we rest and notice.

Can I respectfully ask you to notice your “being”? In this month of being, take a moment every day to notice how you are, how you feel, how you see the world.


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