Rev. Wayne Walder: Boldness

by Reverend Wayne Walder

I don’t think that boldness is a common Unitarian Universalist characteristic. We see ourselves as quiet and thoughtful, reflective and measured, reasonable and respectful. Boldness doesn’t fit with many of these attributes. We worry that boldness will be full of ego, wanting to be first and needing to be seen, so we shy away. … Dream Big

Yet boldness is often necessary to begin a project, to start something new. I remember when I began my career in ministry. I had to sell a profitable business, go back to school, submit myself to the judgement of strangers and learn aspects of ministry that I knew would have nothing to do with my day-to-day work. I had to negotiate with my partner Joan, about how we would handle my absence for weeks at a time as I completed an internship and chaplaincy. We had to work out who would help with the household and our three school age children. … Be BraveTake Risks

It took boldness. I said I would do it and I plunged in. Thoughtfulness and reflection had nothing to do with the beginning of my education in ministry. Thoughtfulness and a measured response were impossible if I was going to upturn my family’s rhythms, income and expectations in order to change my career. … Trust Your InstinctsStand Tall

I am sure there have been times in your life when you had to do the same. You had to jump in with both feet. You had to get your hands dirty. You had to be whole hog involved. … Be Yourself

Spiritual growth requires a boldness too. If we are only quiet and respectful, soft and reflective, we can miss falling into ourselves. We can shy away from stretching our boundaries. We can protect ourselves from letting go. If we stay safe and reasonable, we can miss a deeper part of life.

This year, take steps toward becoming the person you have always wanted to become. Find out how to handle conflict, disappointment, resentment … and use these tools. Learn how to fall into yourself. Lead others, even as you are learning how to lead yourself. … Go After What You Want

Do it with Neighbourhood’s spiritual community; why would you want to do it alone?


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