Rev. Wayne Walder: Commentary on Challenges

by Reverend Wayne Walder

Who hasn’t faced challenges in their life? Challenges are so common some people categorize them: health challenges, money challenges, relationship challenges. I’ll bet you can name many more.

We have heard, “Challenges make you stronger”, but I am not sure that is always true. Challenges can make us
stronger when we overcome them, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes our challenges are too great; we lose to them and need to carry on. Embedded in every challenge is the potential joy of success and the risk of failure. We can rise to the challenge, and fall to it. We cannot seize every day for our hopes and dreams!

Sometimes we can choose how to react to our challenges. We can rail against the tide or, we can live to fight another day. This discernment, knowing whether it’s time for fight or for flight, is an important quality.

Stories about overcoming challenges can help us learn how others reacted to them. Such success stories are both numerous and valuable. Unsuccessful stories can help us too, because they let us know what did not work. These stories, cautionary tales, help us to know when a challenge may defeat us.

How we handle challenge, either by acceptance or retreat, builds memories and skills: our character. That helps us learn how to handle another challenge, another time.

Will you tell us your challenges, your stories of success and failure? I’ll be asking you for one at each Sunday service in December.