Rev. Wayne Walder: On Renewing Ourselves

by Reverend Wayne Walder

When you are tired and beat, when the world feels heavy on your shoulders, when you are able — but not entirely willing — to begin again, you (and I) require renewal.

Renewal is a way for us to recharge our batteries. Renewal helps us keep moving forward, even when we have “seen it all before.” It helps us stay focused and use our creativity, even for things we have done a thousand times.

For most of us renewal comes from simple sources. We sleep each night. Sleep helps us rest and heal so we can begin again. We eat each day, to make sure we have the stamina to begin again. The healthier the food, the better our energy. We wash off the combined dirt of the day and the weariness of the world, so we feel clean and
ready to begin again.

For the most part, these simple and delightful sources of renewal are good enough to keep us in love with life. But there are times when we need more than a shower, a good meal and a decent night’s sleep. There are times when the weight of the world is not balanced by our everyday rhythms. There are times when “how we think” and “what we
think” has to change so we can rethink.

When we are injured or ill, the pain and fear can wear us down. When we make mistakes and don’t know why, we become confused. When life seems bleak and offers only what we already know, we can become depressed. When love slips away in important relationships, we can feel empty. When work feels like a burden, we become numb. When being safe kills our spirit of adventure and we die inside … we need renewal more than ever.

Fortunately, the human race has been working on these concerns for a long time. Our ancestors struggled with the same problems over 50,000 years ago.

When we are lost we need to look to others, for healing and support. When we lose hope, we have to look toward the beauty of our world. When our hearts are broken, we need to hear beautiful music and read poetry. When life seems trivial and boring, we need to find meaning in nature, in spirit and in love. Maybe we even need to act differently as we find new ways to become the people we have always wanted to become.


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