Rev. Wayne Walder: Knowing Our Strength

by Reverend Wayne Walder

Knowing We Have Strength Is A Wonderful Gift

Knowing our strength is not always easy. Relying on our strength is sometimes not possible. Life moves quickly and there are many things that take our attention away from who we are and what we know. Yet during our life, we probably relied on our strength to get us through tough times more often than we remember.

We each have strengths. For some, it is our will; for others, our beauty or handsome looks. Some of us use our intellect and others our physicality. We can use our resourcefulness, our memory, our humour, our creativity, our family, our friends or our faith when times get tough. Some of us are so good-natured we can get almost anyone to help us. That is an incredible strength.

We have used our strength so often that we take it for granted. It has worked, so we don’t think about it and over time our strength becomes unconscious.

When our strength is unconscious we can forget we are strong. Then, when the storm comes, we feel, “we got nothing”.

What is your strength?

Remember with me … When you were in the schoolyard and you got hurt, what did you do? When you were ill and alone, what happened? When you were frustrated and felt you could not go on – yet did – what happened inside you? When all seemed lost, how did you pick yourself off the floor? You are still here, so you did something. You used your strength.

Knowing we have strength is a wonderful gift. It focuses our ability to react when things get bad and gives us confidence to take a chance when we see one. Our strength can be a model for others (… it always is). Our strength can be used to help others.

When we are confident in our strength, we can even choose not to use it. Sometimes it is best to imagine what might happen before we jump in and try to make things work. We might even choose not to use our strength so we can learn new ways to be strong. This deepens our strength to levels we could not imagine. This is how people like Betty Friedan or Benazir Bhutto were able to change public opinion within their cultures. They learned new strengths and combined them with the strength they already had. They became formidable.

What is your strength?


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