Rev. Wayne Walder: Our Cycles of Life Matter

by Reverend Wayne Walder

There are cycles of life in everything. I bet there are cycles of life throughout the universe. Stars are born and they die. If we are lucky we are born, we live long and satisfying lives … but then we die, too.

We know this, but sometimes we forget. We forget that cycles cause our lives to change. We forget that cycles influence when we do well and when we do badly. We forget one of the cycles will be our death.

It is understandable. It is understandable because we get busy. We are trying to pay the bills, be good people, have good friends, create good relationships, take time for ourselves, stay healthy, learn new things, have fun, make the world a better place … and become wise. It takes a lot of attention to “have it all”. We forget that we are visitors and no matter what we do in our lives, we will have to leave everything that we know one day.

That knowledge can feel depressing. We might think, “Why do anything if it’s all going to end?” But there is another way to look at these cycles of life. Every day there is the potential for renewal. Every day there is something to learn. Every day there is a possibility for deep love. Every day we can make the world a better place. This isn’t serendipity. It isn’t seeing the world with rose coloured glasses. Because along with cycles of coming apart, loss and ending, there are cycles of growth, love, and work. Along with the cycles of sadness, grief and depression, there are cycles of joy, affection and compassion.

It matters how we see our cycles of life, so we can fully live our lives. Happiness most deeply touches us when are lives are full. So with great respect, I ask you to notice the cycles of life around you, around your friends and loved ones and around our world. Notice, so you can be wise and remind us that our lives are a struggle and a sacred journey. We need to be reminded from time to time.


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