Rev. Wayne Walder: The Invitation

by Reverend Wayne Walder

It is flattering to be invited to a special event or a special place. We feel that someone wants us. Maybe it is a dinner invitation and we will have a nice meal with others of like mind. Maybe it is a party or get-together where we will connect with others. Maybe we get an invitation to a play, a gallery or a sporting event we might never have gone to ourselves.

But perhaps we are invited to a gathering we do not want to attend. The people are not like us. The event is not to our liking. We have been there and done that and we don’t want to do it again.

Invitation can be a tricky social challenge … the inviting, the accepting or the rejecting. There are times in our life when the stakes of being invited or inviting another seem to be even trickier.

Can we be invited to heal or to love? Can we be invited to begin again when we are wasted? Can we be invited to let go of our sadness, even when we know it so well? What happens inside you or me when we are invited to open up and intimately touch the world?

This month our theme is Invitation and we hope to invite you to events, and social situations that are easy to enjoy (… a Thanksgiving dinner on October 7th, for example).

But we will also invite you to heal and love, to begin again and to touch the world more intimately with your awareness: you’re invited!


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