Rev. Wayne Walder: What Does it Mean to Have a Home?

Not everyone has one.

Home has to be one of the most important things we create. Trillions of dollars are spent on the building, the renovating and the decorating of homes across the world, every year. Yet in our harried and confusing world, home might not be the safe and sane place we wish it to be. We often bring the harried and confusing world home, forgetting that our homes have a different purpose. They need to be a place apart from the world, while they rest within it.

The custom of leaving our shoes at the door was to remind us that we need to leave more than the dirt we pick up on our shoes at the door. When we enter our homes we would be wise to let go of what fills our mind, so that we can attend to our creativity, healing and intimacy inside.

Home is the place to rest. It is the place to touch, to create and to love. Music, food, intimacy and friendship need to fill our homes. Worry, anger, frustration and exhaustion need to be healed in our homes. Home is the only place where we create the context for our lives. It is where we make sense of disappointment. It is where we are accepted. It is where we wash the dirt away.

What we see through the windows, how the sheets feel matters. We know the quality of light, the nuance of smell and the colours in each room. We know what pleases us and what needs to be changed.

Home doesn’t help us control our world. It simply allows us to watch the movement of the world from a safe and accepting place. We need this because even nature has a violent temper and we need to be sheltered from the storm and the cold.

Maybe home is the most spiritual place we know. It is where we dream, literally and figuratively. It is the place where we learn to love. It is the place we remember the world from. It is where we find the courage to live in the world with purpose and meaning.


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