What does membership mean?


Being part of a community…

Practicing spirituality…

Learning skills like: how to be compassionate…

Caring for the world….

What can we offer you?

A Spiritual Curriculum within Sunday Services

Learning through groups and practices

Community participation and involvement

Children’s programs

Social connections

Leadership opportunities

Can you offer the congregation something special?

Personal stories?


Leadership ?

Spiritual depth?

Emotional intelligence ?

Family involvement?



Orientations- Once a Month after the Sunday Service, 12:15-1245 pm

A simple orientation for visitors to the Congregation, offering information and answering questions.

See website calendar for current dates.

Joining Rituals– Held regularly during our Sunday service.

Leaders:  Wayne Walder and membership chair, Kristina Kiil offer

short rituals during the Sunday service to welcome people into membership.

This is also a time for the community to acknowledge your commitment to the congregation

Becoming a Member

-Take part in the joining ritual and sign our membership book

And participate in three of the following four aspects of membership

-Attend services regularly

-Serve the congregation through volunteering

-Participate in one of the small groups or activities offered by the congregation

-Make a financial contribution

New Member Social Evenings  

Every three months we offer a dinner for our new members.   It is often held at the home of an existing member.    (revwayne@live.ca) or Kristina Kiil (kriskiil28@yahoo.ca)  See website!

Our Mission

NUUC’s mission is “To empower spiritual growth and shared action for the care of our world”

By becoming a member of our congregation, we hope that you will commit to fulfilling this mission, on an individual and a community level.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to do this:

The congregation offers activities and volunteer opportunities